“I often use stone, which represents nature, and steel sheets, symbol of industrialised society. It is because I feel that they are appropriate to represent the dialogue between being and time. These materials do not interest me as objects. I use them for their reactivity, and the relationship that they establish with each other or with space leads us once again to feel the marvellous aspect of surrounding space or a world that we are unaware of.”

Lee Ufan’s sculptures, presenting dispersed arrangements of stones together with industrial materials like steel plates, recast the object as a network of relations based on parity among the viewer, materials, and site.

Arranging the plates in precise relationships to the stones, Lee Ufan’s Relatum series presents a durational form of coexistence between the made and the not made, the material and the immaterial elements of our surroundings. The series title is a philosophical term denoting terms, objects, or events between which a relation exists. In Lee’s mind, the occasion of the site-specific work and the network of dynamics it triggers is more important than the object per se, and we the viewer enter the scene as an equal part of the whole.