Important information : No sanitary passport (pass sanitaire) is required to visit the Donjon de Vez.

The Donjon of Vez:
where the Middle Ages become Contemporary Art.

The Donjon of Vez, an important landmark of the history of the Valois region, land of the kings of France. A monument which became a saga, with characters such as king Philippe-Auguste, Joan of Arc or Alexandre Dumas. A thousand years of art and architecture: from stone sculpted in the Middle Ages to the daring alloy of contemporary art. Stone, wood and holograms enable you to travel through centuries in just one hour of guided visit.

In the tradition of the architectural and ornamental programs of castles, Francis Briest brings together the greatest artists to adorn the rooms of the Donjon: Jacques Garcia for the library, Sol LeWitt for the frescoes in the dining room, Daniel Buren for the glass roofs of the chapel. . The courtyards and gardens were handed over to the care of Pascal Cribier and Jean-Pierre Raynaud.

These contemporary designers and their patron are continuing the work of their predecessors. Among Fremiet’s recumbent statues, or beneath the framework designed by Gustave Eiffel, they are following in Louis of Orléans’ footsteps, making Vez not a site collecting works of Art, but a site which became a work of art.

The chosen direction for the valorisation of the creations of Bourdelle, Picasso, César, does not reflect a will to make styles and eras coexist, but the enlightened desire to set the location in a History of Arts momentum.

One hour and a half from Paris, and only 30 minutes for Charles de Gaulle Airport, it is located between the Imperial Palace in Compiègne, the castle of Pierrefonds, the beautiful towns of Crépy-en-Valois and Chantilly.


New experience at the donjon : come picnic under Serge Mansau’s “yurt”

1 June 2021
Enjoy a new experience at the Donjon de Vez : come enjoy your picnic under Serge Mansau’s “yurt” at 1:30 PM !

European Heritage Days : free entrance for all visitors aged 18 and below

17 September 2020
On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, on Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September 2020, all visitors aged 18 and below will get free entrance to the Donjon de Vez. We look forward to seeing you this weekend !

The Lalanne exhibition is prolonged to September 2020

11 August 2020
The Lalanne exhibition at the Donjon de Vez was inaugurated in 2019. Initially planned for 2019 only, it has been prolonged until September 2020. Internationally-acclaimed artist François-Xavier Lalanne is first and foremost known for his animal sculpt …