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Germaine Richier’s « Les visiteurs »

A century after their first meeting, sculptor Germaine Richier is reunited with her teacher Antoine Bourdelle at the Donjon de Vez, where her funny animal-headed visitors are escorted by the chapel’s gargoyles.

An ecological visionary, the woman who was nicknamed the Sorcière royale (the royal witch), places as much value on animal life as she does on human life. Fascinated by insects, and all of those miniscule lives that she dissected and reproduced in her engravings, Germaine Richier announces the mutation of the human being with Nature. The artist’s mythology is marked by a certain violence, its creatures alternating between prehistory and science-fiction. She creates transgender persons, with no identity, humanoids with grasshopper legs. Skeletal bodies where shreds of flesh are fossilised on bones to better express the passage from life to death.




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Ye Linghan at the Donjon

On the occasion of the Paris + event, the Donjon de Vez will host an exhibition by artist Ye Linghan, in partneship with the HdM Gallery, which moved to Beijing in 2009.

“Ye Linghan, born in 1985 in Shanghai, is one of the most noticeable artists of the contemporary Chinese artistic world. He creates large paintings which immediately catch the eye with their swirling of multicoloured shapes, inside which appear pale, diaphanous and interlaced silhouettes evocative of human figures” – Serge Lemoine

From 18 to 24 October 2022, by appointment

More information and booking : 01 42 99 20 33 – adeturenne@artcurial.com

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Valois Emoi

Le Donjon de Vez accueille les visages d’habitants du Pays de Valois souhaitant témoigner de leur attachement à leur territoire, au travers d’une initiative artistique internationale initiée par l’artiste JR en 2011: le projet INSIDE OUT.

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Exhibition « Cabanes d’architectes »

This summer, the Donjon de Vez will host an exhibition dedicated to “small” examples of architecture or, as exhibition partner Philippe Gravier likes to call them, “jewels”.
The models and shacks presented are authentic “gestures”, at the frontier between art and architecture : the reduction in proportions allows for more creativity and freedom, and calls for a renewed concept of habitat. The style and personal imagination of each architect are deployed and echo contemporary ecological concerns regarding the rational use of materials, ressources and available living spaces.

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Exposition “Première Mob / On n’est pas sérieux quand on a 17 ans”

On n’est pas sérieux quand on a 17 ans… Who is to say that Arthur Rimbaud wouldn’t have traded his semelles de vent for a blue moped to drive down main street terrorizing the good people of Charleville ? More than any other object, the moped symbolizes the no man’s land between teenager and young man : this passing age when blurred dreams flash through the mind. First moped, first kisses, and often first acne symptoms… Who hasn’t felt the thrill of freedoom while accelerating with a twist of the right hand ? I may not yet be the master of the world, but I’m the king of the neighborhood when I’m driving a friend around on the luggage rack while my exhaust draws smoke spirals on the asphalt.

What would Monsieur Hulot and Rabbi Jacob be without their Solex, or Johnny Hallyday without his Paloma ?

From Schumacher’s scooter to César’s compression, including the Dax, Monkey, Caddy, Manhurin, Vespa, Zoomer, moped are the stars.

Practical information

The exhibition will include 25 vehicles. Scenography by Hubert Legall.

From July 1 to October 31, 2021

From July 1 to September 19, everyday from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

From September 25 to October 31, on Saturdays and Sundays from 1:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

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Rencontres Musicales de Vez

The third edition of the Rencontres Musicales de Vez promises to be sharp and unusual. With a set of contemporary pieces of international stature, the public will be able to wander among the marvelous permanent collections of Daniel Buren, Sol Lewitt, Lee Ufan, Jean-Pierre Raynaud or Bernard Venet. This year, they will also be able to enjoy the temporary exhibitions of Lalanne and Makouvia.